Team Green features homegrown creativity with breathtaking wooden puzz – TEAM GREEN

Team Green features homegrown creativity with breathtaking wooden puzzles

Its designs offer breathtaking detail and are made with environmentally friendly materials.

Puzzle sales enjoyed an unprecedented boom during the pandemic. With more people stuck indoors, puzzles became a fun and challenging way of spending time at home. Some of the best puzzles in the market are designed by Starlite Visual Communication Ltd (SVC), a homegrown company dedicated to crafting quality toys, puzzles, and lifestyle products.

SVC manufactures the Team Green 3D Plywood Puzzles. These exquisitely crafted wooden toys come in a wide range of styles, from pets and dinosaurs to international landmarks to pop culture staples. Each puzzle is expertly designed and uses interlocking technology, which means that they can be assembled without needing glue, tape, or scissors.

The 3D Plywood Puzzles come in a variety of designs which is suited for all ages. Puzzles can range from the most detailed and complex depictions of international monuments, to relatively simple images of pets and household items. These versatile puzzles make perfect gifts for kids and adults alike. Team Green's products are available at a wide range of retailers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, and Europe.

The Team Green 3D Plywood Puzzles are made with laser-cut technology, making it very easy to pop out each piece from its 2mm plywood sheets. Each kit includes simple illustrated instructions which clearly indicate which puzzle pieces go together. Parts are also clearly marked, ensuring a seamless assembly.

Most importantly, Team Green products are created with environmentally friendly materials. Products are made from certified wood and are strictly tested by qualified inspection professionals. The FSC plywood used in these products is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Once completed, each of the puzzles can be used as a tasteful home decoration. Each piece can also be individually painted to make a unique and artful display.

Founded in 2012, Team Green® is a self-owned design brand of Starlite Holdings Limited. Team Green is dedicated to creating and producing fine toys that are enjoyable and sustainable at the same time. Team Green’s puzzles boost the psychological well-being of its users by allowing them to exercise their creativity.

Aside from 3D wooden puzzles, TeamGreen® has recently developed two new product lines with innovative ideas and interactive functions—TeamGreen® Lifestyle and TeamGreen® Design.

Whilst TeamGreen® 3D puzzles are focusing on the development of logical thinking and unique assembly features, TeamGreen® Lifestyle & Team Green Design are making one step forward to develop vogue lifestyle products in order to make our dull home and office a bit more intriguing.

Starlite Printers Limited, mother company of SVC, is a multinational group of companies that designs and manufactures world-class printed packaging, children's and novelty books and paper products. Founded in Hong Kong in 1970, creativity is at the core of Starlite’s five-decade corporate culture. Since then, Starlite has grown into an industry leader and its products are distributed internationally, with representative offices in Shanghai, Singapore, London, San Francisco, New York, Paris, and Frankfurt. Starlite's one-stop-shop service ranges from pre-press to print-to-packing and delivery.

In coming years, Starlite is committed to investing more in innovation and automation. Product and equipment innovation are also crucial in supporting the growth of Starlite’s manufacturing business. These investments will allow the company to keep its edge in the market and uphold its long history of beautifully-designed products.

Team Green’s creative 3D Plywood Puzzles will surely continue to entertain consumers for years to come. In recognition of its commitment to upholding local creativity and industry, Starlite Visual Communication was recognised at the 2020 Designed in Hong Kong Awards - Toys and Novelties Category.